Masayang Bagong Taon! Kamusta, 2015! (Happy New Year! Hello, 2015!)

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you enjoyed it, whether you slept through it, stayed at home with loved ones, or partied it up with friends! I spent the day reorganizing my kitchen, ha ha!

2015 has just begun, and I’m already having to get into busy work mode! Today, I will going down to the City of Lodi building to apply for my business license! I’m tingling with anticipation and nerves. It’s finally happening, you guys. I’m taking the big step towards my dreams. This one’s for both of us, Grandma!

What I’m looking forward to in 2015:

  • A weekend in Vegas with my parents and Mike for their 31st anniversary
  • Official October Rose Boutique launch (*dances*)
  • Megan’s bridal shower, lingerie party, bachelorette spa day, and wedding
  • Disneyland with Mike and his family
  • Making the last payment on my car (*more dancing*)

So many fun and happy times up ahead to look forward to with so many people that I care for and love! The next 6 months are going to be busy, but I hope they don’t fly by too fast.

Let me know if you have anything in particular you’re looking forward to in 2015, no matter how small or large it might be!

Paalam, 2014!

I feel a bit rushed to get ready for the end of the year. Though there will only be 4 of us celebrating tonight, much food must be made and many games must be played. I’m really excited for it! We’re not making any main dishes, so everything served tonight will be finger food and deserts. I’m even going to bring the sparklers Mike got me back in July so we can set them off in our friends’ backyard!

So much happened this past year, but I thought I’d just highlight the top 10 best memories of 2014:

  1. My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. (1/30)
  2. Mike and I celebrated our 1-month dating anniversary. (1/19)
  3. Mike surprised me by sending a beautiful bouquet of purple tulips on Valentine’s Day (I just love purple flowers *swoons*) at my work. (2/14)
  4. Sadly, we had the 1 year death anniversary dinner for my late Grandmother. (2/28)
  5. I went on my first trip to Disneyland with Mike’s family, had my first couple’s day in the theme park, and rode Space Mountain for the first time ever! He bought me Minnie Mouse ears and a mouse head balloon (which is still slightly inflated, I might add). (5/7)
  6. We went to our friends Chelsea and Josh’s wedding shower. (6/14)
  7. June was the busiest month of all, as I had both of my parent’s birthdays AND Chelsea and Josh’s wedding!
  8. I moved to Lodi into a (seemingly) wonderful 2-bedroom apartment. (10/1)
  9. Mike and I had out 1-year dating anniversary. (12/19)
  10. Mike and I celebrated our first Christmas geographically together by opening our presents the day after our 1-year dating anniversary, having dinner with my parents (12/24), having dinner with his parents (12/25), having dinner with Chelsea and Josh (12/26), and then having dinner one more time with his sister in Pinole (12/27). No joke, I had 5 Christmases this year. It was a lot to deal with for someone who is no longer that into Christmas, but I still had a great time.

What were some of your favorite moments from 2014? If you wrote a blog post about it, link to it in the comments below so I can check them out! I hope every one of you have a great and safe New Year’s! See you tomorrow, friends!

My site crashed + a life update


If you’ve been seeing this symbol around the site lately, it’s because my website blew up randomly about 2 weeks ago. I got really upset and disappeared from my blog and all of the posts I’d been working on. Images? Gone. Posts? Gone. Installations? Gone. Backups? Gone.

Gone. Gone. Gone. Everything. All my other sites, though? Totally fine. Wtf, right? And all of this just a couple days after I woke up in Napa to a 6.0 earthquake and had my life rattled.

I got lucky, though. The database was still intact, I had saved all of my images in a well-organized folder off-domain. I had to step away for a bit. You understand, right? Over a year’s worth of blogging, gone in an instant and the most that could be found was that an approved update that I never actually did broke the whole damn thing somehow.

Additionally, I’m moving! I’m so excited about it, you guys! I’ve been wanting out of that apartment for a few years now and have been hunting for an affordable place that’s very similar to the one I have now in the next town over. As of October 1st, I will be an official resident of Lodi, CA. Still not sure how I feel about that. This means that I’m going to be pretty much absent this month while I work on a new layout, some new content, and get settled in.

Thanks for being patient with me guys!